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 What community servant did you reach out to?

 Say this week’s affirmation 9 times – see below

 Listen to this week’s song (really feel it) – see below

Today – show gratitude to someone in your family who is a giver. Tell this person, thank you for being a giver.

Free Introduction Event tonight

Registration at 6:30pm – Begins at 7:00pm

 **75 milers. Invite guests to be on the virtual Guest Presentation with you. This could be your family, friends, people in your life at work, in your neighborhood, etc. Log in at


  • Share the value of Quest Training with someone.
  • Invite them to trust you and bring them to the Guest Presentation tonight! 

Say this affirmation 9 times and sit silently for 2 minutes and let it really sink in.  

After saying your affirmation listen to the message of this song. How does this song apply to your life?