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Soar Like an Eagle!

Lift-Off is a unique leadership training. Leaders are those who inspire trust. In Lift Off you will discover what it takes to inspire trust in your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

After Quest and Summit, learn to forge your world through Lift Off

Through the Lift Off Training, you will be able to see and acknowledge the results you’ve created in your life by incorporating the skills learned in the Quest and Summit trainings. You will see how taking on your life has affected your perceptions of the world, and those within it, in a positive way. By continuing to practice these newfound skills, you will experience your dreams becoming a reality.

Powerful Personal Coaching

In addition, you will have a personal coach for the duration of Lift Off. Your coach will inspire and challenge you to succeed in the “Game of Life”. Using your “Impact Tool Box”, you will live an empowered and purposeful life – all day, every day.

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The Next Lift-Off Schedule – Lift-Off 433

Masterful Communication
August 2nd-3rd, 2024
Abundance Weekend
August 16th-17th, 2024
Be The Change Weekend
August 23rd-24th, 2024
Ropes Weekend
September 13th-14th, 2024

Four Weekends – Bringing the Training Into
Every Area of Your Life

Lift-Off training steps out of the classroom and takes place almost entirely in every area of your life, with training sessions held periodically at the center on scheduled weekends and some weeknights.

Learn to Talk your Walk

You will re-member how it feels to “own your voice.” Get in touch with how your communicate and listen. Learn how to communicate in a way that honors the men and women in your life.

The Listening Heart

Your heart decides who you want in your life. You actions decide who will stay in your life. Learn to create empowered relationships through authentic sharing, forgiveness love and wisdom.

Give More, Get More, Live More, Love More

Be the exceptional person you are! Claim your energy, vitality, and personal power! Learn to take the steps to a powerful life with INTENTION. Through intention you draw people, places, times, and events into your personal vision.

Be empowered to create Happiness, Inner Peace and Success in relationships

Discover the unconscious blocks between you and your intentions in life.

Personal Coaching

You will have a personal coach for the duration of Lift- Off. Your coach will inspire and challenge you to successfully use the skills that you have learned from Quest and Summit, and assist you in implementing the new skills that you will learn in Lift-Off. You will have the experience of learning a new skill in your weekends and then have the opportunity to practice that skill in your life.

Words from Graduates

Before the trainings I got bored easily at work and even looked for opportunities to leave and get my mind off it. I wasn’t happy with my job and I was barely getting by financially.

I am in sales and was only interested in my own success and did not have the client’s needs in mind. I was very selfish and being a part of a sales team didn’t matter to me I was in it for me and no one else. Since I have been through the trainings, I am very happy to come to work each and every day. I know I am here to improve the lives of my clients and are concerned of their needs and put theirs before my own. I take shorter lunches and do not want to leave or not be working. This new attitude combined with putting others before myself has made my income double within the last few months. I know that next year I will make more money than I ever have in a year. Money is nice, but the satisfaction that I get from assisting others in obtaining their dreams means much more to me. These trainings have been a tremendous blessing not only in my life, but also for my family and the company that I work for. I can’t say enough good about the Impact Trainings.

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I regained my power! I am accountable for my past choices. The lessons from my past were my perfect lessons. I now feel free of any ill feelings. I feel alive! I feel like myself again! I no longer struggle with anxiety. It used to consume my life, now it doesn’t even exist. I am taking on my life every single day with so much love and excitement. No worries, no fears. I live with pure love and excitement!

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The Impact Trainings changed, served, and quantum-leaped my life forward into a space of joy and happiness that I never imagined possible. Since beginning Quest, I have experienced more personal breakthroughs about myself and the way I have experienced, shown-up, called forward, and played life for the past twenty years. I have realized that I have the love and power to change. That its MY CHOICE to look at life as either an exciting challenge or curse.

I have learned to recognize the two great educators in my life: The School of Joy and the School of Pain…and I CHOOSE the School of Joy as my primary educator. There have been many lessons, tools, and techniques that I have learned to assist me with my journey, but none have been greater than the gift of unconditional love.

Thank you for ALL the support and feedback! I have finally learned to love and accept my inner-power. I am eternally grateful. Life has gotten a whole lot better!

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