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Life Mastery III

Living in the LIGHT!

Life Mastery Training III is an ongoing study with graduates of the Awaken to Life Mastery Training.

Healing the world through music, color, sound, light and elements of nature.

This diverse group of graduates literally create their own schedule of training, ranging from meeting in the Impact Training Center to traveling to the oceans, mountains and desert lands.

They are a united, empowered and enlightened group of graduates who have chosen to literally live the positive impact of the training every moment of their lives.

They are willing to take charge of their own world and truly become the Masters of their lives.

Words from Graduates

The biggest thing I gained was a deep sense of peace and stability. Life’s challenges that come from time, are now very easy to deal with. The tools I gained allow me to use a level head and wisdom in handling challenges. If it wasn’t for what I learned at the training, the recent down turn in the economy would have had a detrimental impact on me and my business. But now I am able to navigate through it better and perfectly.
I enjoy life more fully and am grateful for the experience.

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Some of the most powerful lesson I’ve learned as a result of Impact Training is living is the NOW! Life is so much simpler when I’m not worrying about the future. Through Impact Training I’ve also got to be in service to others which has been one of the most rewarding endeavors of my life. I’ve been able to meet so many beautiful people and have made lots of new friends from all walks of life.

I’ve also learned not only to have love for myself but to trust myself and others. Basically trust my inner knowing. My biggest breakthrough is knowing I can do anything I want too. With clear intention anything is possible.

Before I went through Impact Training I always felt something was missing. Since I’ve been through Impact, I feel more at peace. Life has more meaning, and every day is an adventure.

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The greatest lesson I have discovered at Impact is that I am uniquely gifted to do great good in whatever setting I happen to be in. I have learned to stop overcompensating for perceived failures, just getting by on charm and slick sense of humor. I have learned that I am able to create and or call forth whatever I deserve in just the right way and at just the right moment. Most of all I have discovered that I have a infinite capacity to love all people and all things. I have discovered that my purpose in life is to not just love, but to be love. When I started Impact Training 3 years ago I didn’t much like my life or myself. Now I am truly happier than I’ve ever been and I am looking forward with real excitement to everything that’s coming.

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