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June 20th-22nd, 2024

What is your purpose in life? What gifts do you bring?

Once you’ve opened the door in your Quest Training, Summit provides you the opportunity to create a clear picture of your own unique talents and gifts; thus allowing these gifts to manifest themselves in your everyday life without wondering or worrying.

You have something unique to offer this world!

In Summit you will experience a level of your magnificence you’ve yet to experience. The Summit Training is the place for you to take a stand as to what you are committed to create in your world. By being willing to take such a stand, you consciously begin to create it. The Summit Training can also enable you to experience the value of commitment, trust, and service. Consequently, your relationships will be more trusting and committed.

Is it really possible to see your life transform in just three days?

In Summit, you will get a clearer picture to what that is. Possessing this clarity can assist you in eliminating self-doubt and gaining more confidence when pondering which decision to make or what direction to take. Being clear can determine the difference between being understood, rather than misunderstood, by those around you.

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The Three Days of Summit

Summit is held over three days with the contents of each day detailed as follows:
Live According to Who You Are

This is your opportunity listen WITHOUT JUDGEMENT so you can see the purpose of life’s experiences. You will come face-to-face with the results that you have created in your life and know exactly what you choose to GIVE and RECEIVE. This is the day to claim and celebrate the REAL YOU without hesitation or holding back.

Touching the Spirit Within
You have the chance to touch, move, and inspire as you build sincere relationships that expand your HONESTY and comfort zone. This is a beautiful time to learn acceptance, love, and clarity as you sustain INTERNAL PEACE and live your purpose. Learn what it means to truly TRUST as you take a “leap of faith” and learn that YOU CAN FLY!
Stepping Up in Life
This is the time to honor your personal LIFE’s PATH every day and in an ongoing way. This day will give you tools to supercharge your DESIRES to pursue health, family, relationships, and career goals. You will claim the power to see and create your PERSONAL VISION and move forward with renewed POWER, PASSION, and FREEDOM in life.

The Next Summit Training:

June 20-22, 2024

Training Tuition: $2390.00 (Price includes Lift-Off)

Words from Graduates

My heart is filled with love, the pure love of christ and I get to share that with everyone I come in contact with. I have a brilliant light, one that shines soooooo bright for the world to see. People saw it in me before, but now I see it within myself and know of the truth and love that it brings to this world. THANK YOU IMPACT TRAININGS!!!! I love each and every single one of you and myself.

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My biggest breakthrough or miracle because of Impact Training is that I have overcome some of my weaknesses and broken down some large walls that were holding me back in life. I learned to take accountability for my actions and for my part in bad situations, and I now look at my past in a very different way. I do not feel victimized by the bad situations that have been thrown my way in life, but I have learned from them. I can look back and laugh about some of the events in my life, instead of sit down and cry.

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Everything I wanted to get out of the trainings, I got – and so much more. I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am to have had the experiences that I have had. I would pay any price, give up anything, to do it again. You cannot put a price tag on what has been given to me. One could say it is a miracle, others could ask, “What took you so long?” I am so happy to finally be alive.

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