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There is an Angel’s Zoom Meeting on the Tuesday night, two days before Quest starts, each month.

You can join that Zoom by visiting: https://impactslc.com/virtual-trainings-login


1. When they call you: Discuss the challenges they are experiencing, let them know it is natural & at the same time exciting that they are experiencing their challenges.

2. Challenge them to start a journal: And to write down each challenge they encounter. Let them know that as they do this, they will see a pattern emerge & they will have clarity as to what there is to take on in Quest.

3. Invite them to call you anytime: Let them know you are here to assist & support them 24/7.

4. Empower them to see: They are powerful enough to handle everything. Get creative with them in handling each consideration.

5. Always hold them in their power & in their greatness!

6. Share about your Enrollee: Call the Impact Training Center @ 801-572-9700 & share. Let us know how they are doing or if there is anything we can do to assist you or them.

7. Discuss the value of Quest: As you talk about the value of the training for them, their focus will remain where it should be for success.

8. Stay in contact with them: Let them know they can count on you to be in a partnership with them.



THURSDAY:  Have your trainee arrive at The Impact Training Center at 9:30 AM (No later then 10:15 AM) to complete preperations before the training begins at 11:00 AM

Goodie bags & posters ready by 1:00 pm. They are to be arranged on display in the TRAINING room. Assist others by making sure that everyone in this QUEST has a goodie bag & poster. One of the office staff will have a list of the trainee’s names. Support your trainee inside & outside the training room.

FRIDAY:  Call your trainee, empower them to tune into the value in the training & challenge them to go for it 100%, no matter what. Have bath bags here at the center by 7:00 pm or you can leave it with the office staff on Thursday and they will deliver it to your trainee at the end of the day on Friday. They can be simple with just a few items in them, such as rubber ducky, bubble bath, a few candles & a bath toy.

SATURDAY: Celebrate with your trainee:

QUEST COMMENCEMENT ZOOM: 8:30 PM https://impactslc.com/virtual-trainings-login

Remember to write your trainee’s name
CLEARLY on the outside of the envelope
Prepare all of these cards & put ALL OF THEM into the goodie bag.

Suggested outline for cards:


1 – On the front of the envelope write: “Open AFTER the dinner break on THURSDAY”

2 – Suggestion on what to write in the card: “Today is a day of breakthrough & can be one of the most incredible experiences of your life. Give 100%, keep an open mind, trust the process. Everything in the training happens for a reason! Do this for yourself, you deserve this.”


1 – On the front of the envelope write: “Open BEFORE you go into the training on FRIDAY MORNING”
2 – Suggestion on what to write in the card: “Today is your BIG day! Give 100% heart & soul. Give it everything you’ve got, no holding back. Trust the process, focus on going 100% & do it. You deserve it!”


1 – On the front of the envelope write: “Open AFTER the dinner break on FRIDAY evening”

2 – Suggestions on what to write in the card: “I’m sure things are starting to come together for you. Keep going!!! Tonight is an incredible evening. Give 100% – you deserve it!” 


1 – On the front of the envelope write: “Open BEFORE you go into the training on SATURDAY”

2 – Suggestions on what to write in the card: “I Love You! I am so proud of you & can hardly wait to talk to you about your breakthroughs. Today, you will soar with the Angels. Open your eyes, heart, spirit & soul. You deserve it!”



QUEST WALK-IN: Approx. 7:30 pm
QUEST GRADUATION: Approx. 8:30 pm